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About Us

Welcome to The Soapy Cauldron.

Established in April 2006, The Soapy cauldron was the result of 1 toddler's need for sensitive skin care that not only worked, but was as natural as possible. When the owners then youngest son developed eczema at 15 months old following an allergic reaction, it took countless GP visits, creams, ointments, baths and lotions before his great grandmother suggested an oatmeal and olive oil bath. The results were astonishing. His skin looked calmer, and by morning the flakiness had reduced by about half. At this discovery, she decided to further research natural alternatives. The biggest discovery being SLS.

SLS/Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is a caustic degreaser and surfactant (SURFaceACTiveAgeNT) which produces mounds and mounds of bubbles. It is also a cause of dry, itchy, flaky skin for many people and something that isn't really needed in regular skincare. Have you ever felt that, after washing your face, your skin feels a few sizes too small? Shrunk in the wash? Chances are, it's the SLS stripping way too much oil from your skin. For this reason, NONE of our products contain SLS or it's close cousin SLES. We do use SLSA as this is a much gentler surfactant that is made from coconuts! We've also rejected Monopropylene Glycol (MPG), Parabens, and many other chemicals and preservatives including methylisothiazolinone (MI) which has seen a sharp rise in contact dermatitis in recent years.

Because of our commitment to Sensitive Skin, we also operate a 1% rule- that is, none of our solid soaps, scrubs, oils, moisturisers or balms contain more than 1% fragrance, and none of our bath products contain more than 1% per 'dose'. So while our products may not smell quite as strongly as some competitors, they are all engineered for delicate skin. This is our promise to you.

We know that we use colour. We use bright colour. Because why should sensitive skin be boring? Our colours are for the most part similar to those you would find in food. Most are derived from natural sources but ALL are thoroughly tested and checked for skin sensitisation. Put the fun back into your bath!

All of our products really ARE Handmade. We hand mix, blend, press, pour and mould our products using years of expert experience to provide you with the very best we can offer, and we always have something new in the pipeline. Our Bath Bombs are renowned for their long-lasting, super fizzy action, and our Bubble Cups are the latest sensation. Packed with bubbles AND moisturising natural Sha Butter, we worked hard to develop these to be the perfect balance. And our cupcake piping skills are second to none now!

If you have any questions about the Cauldron, please do email us at sales@thesoapycauldron.co.uk and we will be happy to help you any way we can. Oh, the toddler? He is growing to be a fine young man, and his skin is gorgeous!